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Nandi Hills - the pearl of Africa
Nandi tea Just add 1 cup of water, 2 of milk and 3 of sugar Kapsabet
Mt Elgon - 'we made it!' [it took them a whole day to reach the gate, so they never actually went into the park, but felt suitably chuffed with their 'achievement' to take this photo - not that Gaz and I got much further of course!] Scaling Tata falls How many AVs can you fit in a pick-up?
Lake Nakuru An artistic tree The 12 achieve celestial glory
Would he beat a buffalo in a fight? My money was always on the buffalo Ring Of Fire
Just tired Portrait of the artist when pissed I have no recollection of taking most of these
I doubt Nat recollects being in them
Possibly the best supermarket in Kenya?
Diani birthday Train surgery

"And a few highlights from later on..."

But then I got high No hurry in Africa AV Summer Collection